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Day 6: Specificity

April 9, 2013

I am from fried chicken, from Perogies, sweet tea, and the sweet summer air.

I am from the South! Full of lakes, mountains, and trails, which are right outside my backyard.  

I am from a southern home with a big back porch for family dinners.

I am from card games and loud talkers, from Rebecca and Steve and Nani.

I am from the shorter family that loves to talk.

From morals and please and thank you’s.

I am from Christianity and the love of the lord.

I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, full of Pittsburgh salad and salmon.

From the time I rode my trike into the swimming pool, or the time I caught frogs with

My cousins, or when my grandmother jumped in the pool fully clothed.

 I am from the basement where memories are stored and love is kept in photos!


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  1. brandyb17 permalink

    I like your poem! I think it is cool how you included the little stories within it about your trike and your grandmother; those are good images without having to say too much. P.S. I am also from Pennsylvania and love pierogies!

  2. Alex Benfield permalink

    Sounds like you enjoyed your childhood! I also have had my fair share of fried chicken and sweet tea.

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